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Equipment for Fixed Sources

Continuous Emission Measurement System or CEM System

Having a continuous emissions measurement system - CEM, allows those interested in controlling and monitoring their process minimizing the risk of being sanctioned by environmental authorities in terms of complying with permissible emission limits at fixed sources. Sanambiente has the suppliers, knowledge, experience and highly qualified human resources to provide solutions to the different processes according to the activity of each company. We have automatic particle monitors, oximeters, oxygen analyzers, SO2 analyzers, NOx analyzers, CO and Co2 analyzers among others for the implementation of systems according to the need. 

Isokinetic Sampler for Fixed Sources

This technology is highly reliable and robust under the design of all national and international standards for sampling emissions from fixed sources and generated by various industrial processes. These instruments allow to determine the concentration of particulate matter, SO2, Nox, CO, dioxins and furans among others, applied to the methods of the US-EPA as the 1,2,3 environmental authorities to make control and follow-up to the industries and reports presented, likewise, to the consultants who require tools of high quality and especially reliable to guarantee the data and results obtained in the field.


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Portable Combustion Analyzers for Chimneys

When pollutant emissions from combustion processes monitoring is required, and these fuels are being used and working properly, it is necessary to use a combustion analyzer that allows to take measures or time to minimize the impact on the environment and the need to save resources. Combustion analyzers are portable equipment that allow to monitor mainly the combustion efficiency and from one gas to nine, among which we have oxygen, CO, CO2, Nox, /NO/ NO2, SO2, H2S, HC, among others.

For CO2, CxHy and CO (INDIR). Measurement of chimney draught, differential pressure, air temperature, chimney temperature and excess air..