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Flow measurement equipment

Flow meter in full or partially full pipe

Technology under the principle of acoustic Doppler providing an accurate flow measurement, pressurized for full or partially filled pipes, by ADFM or SmartPulse systems to define the profile of velocities within pipes, at points of difficult hydraulics, giving reliability of real data of the behavior of flow within pipes. Applications in industrial water pumping stations, hydroelectric plants and catchment plants.

Open Channel Flow Measurement Systems

Various Technology for the measurement in different types of applications and different conditions of tributaries, as they are:

Open channel, partially filled piping, including sites with steam, foam, turbulence, chemicals, high temperatures, etc., having different operating principles options, such as:

Ultrasonic, pressure differentiation, bubbling, air-speed, ADFM and laser.    Distributed in different ranges to perform basic monitoring of levels or even systems that allow the centralization of multiple sensors and perform control functions and communications or control centers. For applications in PTAR'S drinking water treatment plants, catchment plants and industrial processes.