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Flow Meters and Speedometers

Floating Platforms

Continuous monitoring systems, integrated in floating platforms for the measurement of water quality, meteorology, velocities and water currents, integrated with various technologies and market brands (YSI, Sontek, WaterLog). It can be fully automatic to perform the profile of quality, depths and currents of the point where they are installed, configured according to the user´s needs, with energy autonomy and option to integrate communication by GPRS modem, radio or satellite, facilitating the acquisition of data in the office, without the need to invest high transport costs for those remote points. Commonly used in coastal applications, seaports, reservoirs, lagoons.


Water Level and Rainfall Measurement System

Different alternatives for the implementation of level monitoring, in continuous systems or point measurements for applications in wells, rivers, lakes, etc., Having ultrasonic sensor technology, radars, pressure, bubbling or by mechanical systems; diverse alternatives of rain gauges, for the implementation of rainfall stations or early warning systems, with pulse signals SDI-12 or internal Datalogger.

CTD Portable System

Hand Held type portable equipment for instant temperature profiles, conductivity and depth in a fast and reliable way. Lightweight, compact, easy to use with Bluetooth communication and internal GPS.

Speedometers and Acoustic Doppler Profilers

Technology that operates on the principle of acoustic Doppler for the measurement of punctual velocities, velocity profiles, bathymetry and flow calculations, with high precision and eliminating mechanical components, reducing calculation errors, field time and processing information. Its software allows to identify operation errors during field monitoring,  giving more reliable information, at the end of the activity, and having the information instantaneously without needing to make additional analysis in office.

There is a wide range of references for various installations, different depth ranges or channel sizes, with the option of installing in floating systems, lateral installations or on the bottom. For laboratory applications of hydraulic modeling, natural sources, reservoirs, lakes, oceanographic resources, etc.

Conventional Speedometers Mini propellers and mini propellers

Electromechanical instruments for the measurement of water velocity in natural sources; with alternatives of different types of meters that allow the calculation of velocity, data storage and flow calculations, reducing monitoring and data processing times behind the desk.

Composed by propellers or calibrated cups, propeller body, vodeo rod or suspension system on bridges and digital counter.