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Gas Measurement Equipment

Rack Type Aetalometer for Fixed and/or Portable Stations for Black Carbon Measurement

In addition to the atmospheric pollutants already known as ozone and particles PM10 and PM2.5, among others, it has been identified that Black Carbon (one of the main components of PM2.3), has severe negative effects on health and is a powerful climate change agent worldwide. The burning of diesel in passenger and cargo trucks is the main source of this pollutant. Its dangerousness takes on special relevance, because in 2012 the World Health Organization (WHO) agency for cancer research concluded for the first time that particles generated by diesel combustion cause lung cancer.    With the technology of automatic analyzers to measure Black Carbon in its presentation in fixed or portable form, we enable a continuous measurement of this parameter, obtaining accurate and timely information for considerations and decisions according to the data obtained.

H2S Analyzer with Gold Film

H2S in a harmful and corrosive gas becoming a problem for wastewater treatment plants at levels up to 300 ppm, represents a danger to human health, control entities have established permissible limits to avoid inconvenience to nearby communities where there is a potential event with this parameter.

In this sense, the H2S analyzer is resistant and easy to operate for applications such as control, odor and corrosion, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, quality control, ambient air, regulations, among others.

Mercury Steam Analyzer with Gold Film

Its main objective is to allow those who require accurate and reliable data of mercury in ambient air, as it allows rapid and accurate analysis of mercury vapor levels. Many applications include air quality, monitoring of unpleasant or hazardous odors, compliance with standards, quality control, cleaner efficacy testing, detection of mercury vapor sources, and leak detection, among others.

Technology for Continuous and Automatic Measurement of Offensive Odors According to the Legal Framework in our Territory

Offensive odors directly and indirectly affect the quality of life in communities where industrial complexes or even small factories are located. Examples are paper mills and refineries, as well as waste water treatment plants among others. Responding to the requirements at the regulations in Colombia, our portfolio includes solutions and state-of-the-art technology such as automatic analyzers for measuring H2S, NH3, and TRS.    These instruments allow to have continuous data in real time in anyone of the variables mentioned, data storage and detection of orders, among others.

Industrial and Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Designed to enable and monitor indoor air quality based on national and international standards. Allows to measure parameters such as CO, CO2, COV, temperature, relative humidity. In external environments it is able to monitor in real time parameters such as NO2, H2S, SO2, O3, NH3 and NHMC.

Total Methane and Non-Methane Hydrocarbon Analyzer

Hydrocarbons, especially methane despite its low toxicity, have a significant influence on the greenhouse effect; however, other types of hydrocarbons can generate respiratory problems when they have high levels in the atmosphere. The automatic analyzers offered by Sanambiente have a wide measuring range and high reliability.

Used for air quality monitoring networks, cleaning rooms, oil areas, air separation plants in oxygen and air purification among others. These instruments have the ability to make independent measurements of total hydrocarbons, methanes and non-methanes and BTEX.

Multiparameter Environmental Air Quality Monitor

This instrument facilitates useful information to determine air quality, promoting making timely decisions for the delivery of data in real time of up to six simultaneous parameters among which we have CO, O3, SO2, COV, NHMC, H2S, as well as measurements of particles such as PM10, TSP, PM2.5.

Portable Ozone Monitor 2B Technologies Real Time

Ozone (O3) is a gas that can be harmful to human health at relatively low levels. Ozone is the most complex of pollutants and consequently the most difficult to reduce, since it is not directly emitted by any particular source, as it is formed in the atmosphere by photochemical reactions. Faced with this need for up-to-date and permanent information on ozone concentrations in the environment, there is a portable ozone monitor duly approved by the US-EPA that provides agile, timely and above all reliable data in real time and timely for decision making.

Automatic Gas Analyzers with US-EPA Approval

Poor air quality has a negative impact on social and economic development, affecting the economic competitiveness of countries. Air pollution in urban environments is primarily the result of the burning of fossil fuels, being the most important source of transport sector, power generation and industrial sector among others.

In this sense, automatic environmental gas analyzers allow the concentration of gases such as SO2, NO/NO2/NOx, CO, O3, HC, H2S, CO2 and O3 to be measured directly and in real time. The analyzers for measurement of gas criteria have US-EPA approval.