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Multiparametric Systems

Equipment for Continuous Process Measurement

Systems for the continuous measurement of water quality for aquaculture applications and water purification processes. Enables integration of multiple parameters, easy communication or implementation of networks with control center.

Laboratory Equipment

Equipment with table-top design to perform laboratory tests, ideal for high precision, single-parametric or multiparametric measurements: OD, BOD, PH, conductivity, with smart sensors, reducing calibration and installation time, for BOD with long-term optical sensor, data storage or software interface.

Multiparametric Equipment Ecosence Range

Basic equipment for the measurement of water quality parameters of a parameter and temperature, with Hand Held recording, very favorable price for one or two parameters.

Multiparametric photometer for field and laboratory measurements that allows the measurement of a wide range of parameters, such as: Total alkalinity, aluminium, boron, bromine, calcium hardness, chlorine, free chlorine -DPD, copper, fluorine, hardness, hydrogen peroxide, among others, its interface allows for a quick and easy use.

Classic Hand Held Medium Range Multiparametric Equipment

Medium range portable instruments for measuring water quality from 2 to 5 basic physical-chemical parameters, such as: OD, PH, conductivity, temperature, salinity; its body is robust for field work where falls or immersion in water can occur, with large data storage capacity for prolonged monitors at multiple points and download data directly to the PC, reducing office work and transcription errors; its design can be used in the field and in the laboratory. 

High Range Multiparametric Equipment

Instruments for measuring physical-chemical parameters and determination of water quality in lakes, rivers, reservoirs, wastewater, coastal waters, etc., facilitating monitoring and field work, reducing analysis times, with data storage for prolonged or punctual monitoring, with internal battery to work independently in water stations without the need for external power supply; multiple sensors to be configured according to the user's needs, having alternative systems for up to 17 simultaneous parameters measurement, such as: PH, OD (polarographic or galvanic), optical OD, conductivity, ORP temperature, salinity, depth, turbidity, rhodamine, algae, ammonium, nitrate, chlorides, etc.