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OUR ENVIRONMENT: a shared responsibility

Foto noticia aleja


This photo of a beach in the Colombian Pacific, exactly in the town of Ladrilleros (Valle del Cauca), we have shown a dozen people to do a survey: What inspires you to see this landscape? Except for one person, the others agreed to say that they want to be there, stretch out on the sand, sunbathe and spend a few days in communion with nature, in absolute relaxation. When asked about what most strikes them about this landscape, they identified as the main cause the attractiveness of a wild landscape, discovering a natural environment to disconnect from the frenetic urban agitation, and especially, a place free of noise and garbage.


These reasons thus exposed serve to draw attention to how sensitive the human being is to the beauty and purity of his environment. Living in environments where nature is felt in all its splendor, let's say in its purest state, is a privilege for those who can live or travel to remote places where industrialization is not even a probability, but it is not the case of us that we must remain almost all the time in industrialized cities and with high traffic, and with more and more certain possibilities that the environment deteriorates. Every day, because it is part of daily life, the citizen of the 21st century must deal with the cursed trinity formed by pollution, noise and garbage.


In short, we are faced with two questions that should interest the authorities, communities and each person in particular: Is it necessary to accept this situation as something inevitable? And what can we do to change it?


Of course we can reject this situation. Therefore, being aware of the importance of a clean environment is the first step. The second: recognize that each human being is called to watch over their environment, that this is not a task of animals or plants; and third step: the sum of each individual effort will save the planet. This mission is carried out by human beings, it is not the task of supernatural forces. The prize of all this effort is no small thing: it is the enjoyment of a more favorable planet with all kinds of life, worthy of being inherited by the generations that will happen to us.


Well, the task must start right now. If each one of us commits to a positive action from the simplest and converts it into a daily practice, we will be advancing along the correct path.

For example, the following tasks are easy, with zero or very low cost:

  • Select solid waste from the source: adopt the habit of not mixing organic material with cardboard, plastic or glass, and put it in separate bags.
  • Do not throw garbage in streets, parks, rivers, public places.
  • Avoid plastic: take the habit of always carrying a cloth bag for purchases in the supermarket; never on the beach leave trash and less plastic containers.
  • Create awareness in children of the importance of caring for the environment.
  • Learn to recycle and reuse materials.
  • Keep the channels and collectors of rainwater free of garbage.
  • Promote the planting of trees.
  • Do not waste water or energy.
  • Avoid the use of aerosols.
  • Support campaigns and projects that help preserve the environment.

In these ten simple tasks are implied the three components of a change that generates effects of great impact: awareness, prevention and collaboration. Precisely, in order not to remain in awareness without assuming a more active role, SANAMBIENTE wants this year to support an environmental cleanup campaign, in such a way that we invite our readers to send us proposals on this topic. You can be sure that the one that best meets the selection criteria will be chosen. We do not want the above picture to end up converted into this:

Foto noticia 2 aleja

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