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Comprehensive Services Line

Sanambiente S.A.S. through the COMPREHENSIVE SERVICES LINE offers effective solutions that contribute to comply with current environmental regulations, monitoring the direct and indirect effects on the environment. The purpose of providing services is to provide our clients with fast, reliable and accurate information while guaranteeing the quality of the information, confidentiality of the results and the professionalism of our staff.
SANAmbiente S.A.S. also has strategic allies for Water, Waste, and Acoustic Measurement matrices.

SANAMBIENTE offers a different proposal in the monitoring of atmospheric emissions from fixed sources through its MOBILE UNIT FOR CONTINUOUS AND AUTOMATIC GAS MEASUREMENT, which offers advantages and benefits such as:

  • Real time results of the concentration of gas contaminants, allowing to know trends in the behavior of the contamination.
  • Less delivery time of the final report
  • Guarantee and reliability of the study
  • Support the client until the legal control study is approved by the environmental authority.
  • Automatic and manual air quality studies with on-site weather station.
  • Complementary studies on water, waste and acoustic measurement matrices.
  • Sampling of surface water, drinking water, wastewater and non-waste water with point, composite and integrated sampling in lotic bodies and on-site flow, pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen measurements.

Accredited Air Quality Parameters

  • Measurement of Particulate Matter as PM10
  • Determination of Sulphur Dioxide SO2
  • Measurement of Carbon Monoxide CO
  • O3 Ozone Measurement

Accredited Parameters in Atmospheric Emissions

  • Particulate Matter (PM) Measurement - USEPA Method 5
  • Direct Field Measurement of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) - USEPA Method 6C
  • Direct Field Measurement of Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) - USEPA 7E Method
  • Direct Field Measurement of Carbon Monoxide (CO) - USEPA Method 10
  • Direct Field Measurement of Total Gaseous Organic Compounds (Total Hydrocarbons) - USEPA Method 25A
  • Measurement of Dioxins and Furans (D&F) - USEPA Method 23
  • Measurement of Hydrogen Halides and Halogens - USEPA Method 26A
  • Metal Measurement - USEPA Method 29
  • Measurement of Polyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH's) - NIOSH 5506/5515 Methods