Products and services

Water Line

  • Autosampling Equipment
  • Comunication system
  • Current Meters and Speedometers
  • Multiparametric Systems
  • Continuous Monitoring Systems
  • Systems for detecting non-visible leaks

Air Line

  • Particle Measurement Equipment
  • Equipment for Fixed Sources
  • Gas Measurement Equipment
  • Meteorology Equipment
  • Noise Measurement Equipment
  • Smells

Environmental Line

  • Risk Management, Management Systems and Legal Advice for Environmental Procedures
  • Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (PGIRS)
  • Modeling of Contaminants in Environmental Matrices
  • Implementation of an Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • Environmental Impact Study (EIS)
  • Environmental Consulting

Services Line

  • Equipment diagnosis
  • Preventive Maintenance (Packages by frequency or Quantity of equipment)
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Operation of monitoring equipment and/or networks
  • Technical support (Packages X hours)
  • Training